I saw Julie for three sessions, and she is a delight to work with.

Intuitive and gentle, she nevertheless got to the heart of the matter very quickly. I came away from the sessions feeling a lot clearer and calmer, and easily able to manage the situation I had approached her about


I worked with Julie and found her techniques to be effective and humorous

which definitely helped to make the healing process more effective. I would recommend you work with Julie, if you don’t want healing to feel like a chore.


I suffer anxiety in certain situations

and I found I was much more relaxed after my consultation with Julie. I was particularly struck by how open she was, and the way she accepted me for who I am. She is a very warm, approachable person.


Julie introduced me to the tapping technique, and together we worked through a number of difficulties that had been affecting me emotionally.

As a gentleman of a certain age, many of these had been pent up inside me, some of them for years. Talking about feelings doesn’t always come easy. However, Julie is an excellent listener, and not the slightest bit judgemental. Whether it was the tapping or simply the fact that I had at last opened up about these things I do not know, but the burden has now been lightened considerably. I would thoroughly recommend seeing her.


I had been having difficulty moving forward with a project

and, using tapping, Julie gently and sensitively helped me uncover some of the reasons behind this, clearing the blocks and enabling me to move forward with more confidence. She has a lovely calm, caring manner and is very easy to talk to, which helped me to open up and discuss more difficult issues.


I have had two wonderful EFT sessions with Julie. Both around my needs not being taken into consideration.

I can honestly say that both challenges I presented with have been resolved to way beyond what I could of ever possibly imagined. We were able to get to the absolute root cause of both. 
As a result, my life is so very different now as the challenges are no longer challenges and they have created space for new and exciting things to enter my life. Working with Julie has been an absolute joy and such a pleasure. She listened to everything I had to say with love, compassion and empathy. I am so grateful I invested the time and energy in myself.  
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Julie and her amazing work, especially if you are looking for quick, effective and long lasting results.
Tracy Harrison (Bristol)